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Every room in your house should be about the same temperature. However, if you find that some rooms are colder than others, it could be a sign that your furnace is having problems. There are many solutions to fixing cold spots in a house, and the only way you’ll know which will work best is to try a few out yourself.

This winter, don’t suffer in the cold. Poston Brothers can help you find the solutions that will work best to keep your home comfortable. If you try all of our tips and still can’t get warm, call us right away for a consultation.

Tips for Fixing Cold Spots In Your House

Cold spots in your house are not normal. If some rooms are colder than others, it doesn’t mean that your furnace is breaking down. There are several easy things you can do to improve the temperature throughout your house. 

Cover Drafty Windows

If only certain rooms of your house are cold, drafty windows are frequently the culprit. Feel around the windows for a draft. Wrap plastic film around your windows to keep the heat from escaping. This is a great way to save energy, especially in older homes. 

Improve Air Flow

Every year, you should have your furnace maintained and cleaned by a professional heating technician. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC technician can inspect and clean all necessary components and find small issues before they lead to bigger, more expensive repairs. This service ensures your furnace is operating properly and providing optimal air flow in your home.

It’s also important for you to regularly check your system’s air filter and change it about every three months. Air filters protect the furnace from debris, allergens, and other irritants that circulate through your air ducts. If this filter gets clogged, your furnace has a hard time moving warm air to all the rooms in your house. Changing your air filter on a regular basis can help maintain the efficiency of your furnace and solve many home heating problems. 

Consider Moving Your Thermostat

If your furnace isn’t getting an accurate reading of your entire house, it could be the reason why you’re noticing cold spots. Thermostats that are too close to the furnace, another appliance that generates heat, or are in a particularly sunny room could be skewing the temperature of your whole house. Move your thermostat to an interior wall in the center of your home if it is not in this location already. 

Duct and Vent Cleaning

Over time, dust and hair collect in your vents and accumulate in your ducts, making it hard for warm air to reach all the rooms of your house. Clean air ducts improve air circulation and air quality. Heat could also be escaping through cracks in your air ducts, preventing warm air from reaching every room in your home. It’s a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned and inspected to help eliminate cold spots. 

Check Your Insulation

Most insulation tends to last for decades, but if your insulation is old or damp, it might not be insulating your home enough. Check your insulation to see any common signs of aging, and add some more insulation if you notice that it is thin, shifting, or breaking down. 

Zoned Heating

If none of these tips have helped your home, it could be that your furnace is just having a hard time heating your entire house. Upgrading to a zoned heating system might be the best way to make sure everyone in your home is comfortable. In a zoned heating system, each area gets its own thermostat and the air only circulates within the zone, which improves the indoor air quality of your home. Zoned systems help you save energy and heat up your home much more efficiently. Call Poston Brothers today to learn more about zoned heating systems for your home.  

Still Cold? Call Poston Brothers

If you notice other issues with your home’s heating system along with cold spots, there might be some bigger issues with your furnace that should be addressed. Schedule a service call with Poston Brothers today to keep your home comfortable all winter long.