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Annual furnace maintenance should be a part of every Burlington, KY area homeowner’s fall home maintenance routine. Furnace maintenance is important for maintaining the performance and energy efficiency of your heating system, while also helping your unit last longer and experience fewer breakdowns. Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling shares the benefits of regular maintenance for your furnace as well as what can happen if you skip it.

Why Is Annual Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

Your furnace is a mechanical system, and, as it operates, components experience wear and tear. Wear and tear happens even during regular system operation, so it’s something that is going to occur year after year. It’s just like your vehicle, which experiences wear and tear over the miles you put on it.

Annual furnace maintenance does for your furnace what a routine tune up does for your car – it undoes the wear and tear damage and helps your furnace run at its best until its next service appointment. A professional heating tune up keeps all components in good working order to allow the system to function at peak performance and energy efficiency levels so you get the best user experience. 

Neglecting regular furnace maintenance has similar consequences as skipping regular tune ups for your vehicle. Without a yearly tune up, your furnace doesn’t receive the maintenance care it needs to keep all parts running smoothly. Wear and tear will bog down the system, forcing it to use more energy to get the job done, and the furnace will start to struggle as it operates. 

With no trained eye on your equipment each year, minor issues won’t be caught and corrected early on – this leads to the development of serious malfunctions that cause damage to the furnace and could also pose a danger in your house such as carbon monoxide leaks. The combination of accumulated wear and tear plus serious system issues will eventually cause your system to fail completely, typically much sooner than it would have if it received annual maintenance.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance for Your Furnace

An annual furnace checkup is an affordable service that generates big benefits for Burlington homeowners. The perks you’ll experience when you have this yearly service completed include:

  • Better home comfort. With all components functioning at their best, your furnace will run optimally over the season ahead. Wear and tear damage is mitigated so there is nothing standing in the way of your furnace delivering precision heating throughout the home.
  • Lower heating bills. When furnace performance is optimized thanks to maintenance, it improves energy efficiency as well! With parts running properly, the system isn’t forced to consume excess energy to do its job. Maintenance works to reduce energy waste, keeping your heating bills low.
  • Fewer repairs. When a professional HVAC system technician performs an annual furnace inspection, minor flaws are easily identified so they can be corrected now before they worsen and cause problems with your heating system. Wear and tear won’t cause components to fail early, so you’re less likely to experience system breakdowns over the winter. Investing in an annual tune up can help you keep furnace repair costs low and limit the amount of time you spend without heat, waiting on repairs.
  • Longer service life. Furnaces that receive annual maintenance tune ups typically last longer. You’ll gain more years of use from your existing system, helping you maximize the return on this investment and preventing you from spending thousands of dollars on a new unit earlier than expected.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Services in Burlington, KY

Don’t neglect annual furnace maintenance for your heating system! Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling is here to help you take care of your home’s essential HVAC equipment – contact us today to schedule an annual furnace tune up. For all of your home’s heating and air conditioning needs, trust the technicians at Poston.