While the exact month will vary according to climate, spring is the ideal time to perform air conditioner maintenance. Ideally, an air conditioner should be completely inspected, cleaned, and prepped for the cooling season just before you turn the system on for the first time. Air conditioning maintenance includes caring for the outdoor AC unit, the indoor air handler, the thermostat, and your ventilation system. In this article, Poston Brothers examines why spring is the best time to maintain your air conditioner and what to expect during your annual service. We will also explain the benefits of air conditioning maintenance and the benefits of having your air conditioner maintenance done by a professional HVAC technician.

3 Reasons to Perform Air Conditioner Maintenance in Spring

The mild temperatures of springtime mark the end of the heating season but in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, there are usually a few weeks of comfortable weather before you want to turn your air conditioning on for the first time. This creates the perfect opportunity for caring for your central air conditioner.

  1. Safe Operation – The dormant months can be hard on both the outdoor AC unit and the indoor system. Temperature and moisture can damage components. Excessive dust and contaminants can also collect in the system. A thorough inspection confirms all electrical connections as well as refrigerant components are in a safe condition.
  2. Protect the HVAC Unit – Air conditioners are a major investment for any homeowner. During the winter, dirt, debris, and even pests can collect in the outdoor unit. Cleaning the unit and checking all of the components protects the integrity of the unit. AC tune-ups performed before the unit starts will remove foreign debris and makes certain the air conditioning system works properly throughout the summer.
  3. Improve Indoor Air Quality – Seasonal allergies can surge in the spring. In northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, airborne allergens can clog air ducts and lead to dirty filters. Regular maintenance of the indoor air handler will catch problems early and make sure the evaporator coil is clean.
  4. Reduce Risk of Breakdown – By making sure all systems function effectively before the start of the season, AC maintenance reduces the risk of repairs and issues within your HVAC system later in the summer.
  5. Optimize Performance – An affordable tune-up helps to reduce wasted energy costs. Dirty systems work harder to cool your home. Longer running cycles lead to higher energy bills. A clean filter and properly adjusted systems improve the air conditioning performance and efficiency all season long.

Professional AC Maintenance Versus DIY Tune-Up

There are some chores in Spring that are practical to do yourself including yard work, painting, gardening, and preparing the backyard for summer barbecues. When it comes to AC services, it may be best to schedule maintenance with a trusted local professional. When you form a relationship with your HVAC contractor like Poston Brothers, you gain some key benefits.

  • Expertise and Experience – Professional technicians are trained and N.A.T.E. certified. They have the expertise and experience to fully inspect and address issues within your system. Finding minor issues with condenser coils not only saves on monthly energy, but a thorough inspection can also add years of service life to your equipment. In the Spring, most HVAC companies offer maintenance specials and special discounts.
  • Safety – Air conditioning units can be dangerous to work on, especially if you don’t have the proper tools and training. While homeowners should be familiar with replacing a clogged filter and adjusting their programmable thermostat, refrigerants and condensate drains can be tasked outside most homeowners’ skillset.
  • Proper Equipment – The necessary maintenance required for air conditioners each spring requires specialized tools. Professional technicians have the equipment to diagnose and repair issues with modern AC units. They also have access to the correct replacement parts to keep your system running properly.
  • Comprehensive Service – Professional air conditioning maintenance includes a comprehensive inspection. Having your cooling system tuned up by a professional HVAC technician ensures all components of the unit are working well.
  • Warranty Protection – One of the primary differences between professional AC maintenance and a DIY tune-up is warranty coverage. If your AC unit is still under warranty, performing DIY maintenance is likely to void the warranty. Manufacturers work with authorized dealers to offer years of warranty coverage.
  • Time and Convenience – When you schedule maintenance, the hard work is done. Air conditioning maintenance can be time-consuming and complex. Hiring a professional technician saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on enjoying the longer days and warmer weather.

When to Contact Your HVAC Contractor

It’s ideal if you can have this service performed before the weather heats up and it becomes necessary to run your air conditioner throughout the day. To make sure your annual AC tune-up is done before the weather gets too hot, contacting to make your appointment in the early spring is the best. In many cases, once you find a trusted local HVAC expert, you can join a membership club that automatically registers you for annual tune-ups.

At Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling, our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our customers. Our team works extremely hard to provide exceptional value and high-quality service. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget or put off scheduling maintenance as temperatures steadily increase each day. Although we recommend spring as the best time to have maintenance services performed, we can still provide you with tune-ups well into the summer.

If you need a bit more motivation, here are a few key reasons you want to take advantage of this timing for your AC maintenance appointments, as doing so will help you save money and stay comfortable.

Quick Response

Do you hate waiting weeks between calling for service and the date of your actual appointment? When you schedule air conditioner maintenance early in the season, you likely won’t have to wait long at all! Due to milder temperatures this time of year, homeowners are rarely using their heating and cooling equipment so HVAC companies typically aren’t busy and can take care of your cooling system maintenance needs quickly.

Better Efficiency

AC maintenance in the spring makes it possible for you to run a well-oiled machine from the start of the cooling season to its final days. When you make sure your air conditioner receives a professional tune-up ahead of summer, your system receives the essential care and services needed to improve the air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. Wear and tear from last season are erased so that your air conditioner functions at peak levels. With an air conditioner in such good shape on the first hot day of the year, you can rest assured your energy bills won’t skyrocket.

Breakdowns are Less Likely

The last thing you want to experience this summer is a cooling system failure that leads to costly repairs and time without cool air. Spring air conditioning maintenance works to lower the likelihood of needing ac repairs during the hottest days of the summer. When a technician is able to service your system ahead of use season, any malfunctions present can be spotted and corrected before you go turning on your ac system. Operating an air conditioner with certain flaws or malfunctions present can cause the problem to grow, leading to a lot more damage and it may even destroy your system to the point of a breakdown.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Your owner’s manual will provide some basic guidelines for a professional tune-up, but you will also want to verify your HVAC contractor goes beyond the basics and does a comprehensive service including:

  • Checking the Thermostat – Thermostats are the brains of your HVAC system. During a tune-up technicians verify the system is working properly and holding the correct temperature. Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars every year in unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Inspecting the Air Filter – The air filter will be inspected and either cleaned or replaced if necessary. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and cause the AC unit to work harder. You can also learn how to replace your air filter monthly to improve energy use.
  • Checking Electrical Connections – Checking hardware, wiring, and tightening electrical connections to preventing electrical damage and corrosion.
  • Lubricating Moving Parts – Moving parts, such as the fan motor, pulleys, and other parts will be lubricated and sealed systems will be tested for signs of wear.
  • Inspecting The Condenser and Evaporator Coils – Inspecting and cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils improves energy use. Cracked and damaged coils can lead to refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels – Low refrigerant levels can cause the AC unit to work harder. Leaks in lines the rest of the system may require a recharge.
  • Inspecting the Condensate Drain – Cleaning the condensate drain and clearing any clogs avoids water damage and mold growth.
  • Checking the Fan Motor and Blades – The fan motor and blades should be unobstructed and clean.
  • Testing the Start and Run Capacitors – Running the system tests that capacitors and other major components are functioning properly.

Contact Poston Brothers for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring air conditioning maintenance works to protect your home’s HVAC equipment while keeping energy bills low and keeping your family cool once summer arrives. Spring is the perfect time to schedule your regular maintenance for your air conditioner. Call Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling today to make an appointment for your spring air conditioner tune-up.