Furnace Repair in Florence, KY

When temperatures fall across Kentucky, many homeowners are surprised when their furnace breaks down. Even the most durable and well-maintained furnaces eventually need repair services. When you need furnace repairs in Florence, KY you can call on the experience of Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling. 

Many furnaces break during the coldest winter days. This is because the worn and weakened components strain under increased demand and ultimately fail. If a furnace fails on a freezing day, the comfort, health, and safety of your household are jeopardized. The water pipes, expensive appliances, and other items on your property are also under threat of falling temperatures. Acting quickly to call on our team of certified, highly trained professionals will restore warmth to the home promptly. When you need furnace repair in Florence, KY count on the team at Poston Brothers for help. 

Warning Signs You Need Heating Repairs

There are common indicators that a furnace is at risk of breakdown. Acting before your system fails may fix minor issues and prevent disaster. If you observe any warning signs you can contact our resourceful and knowledgeable team. We spend all year training, researching, and working on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. At Poston Brothers, you can depend on the finest furnace repairs. 


The most common reason a furnace repair occurs is lack of maintenance. Worn parts, weakened components, build-up of dirt, and loose electrical connections strain your furnace. Annual maintenance with our professional hvac technicians prevents many repairs from ever occurring.  

Rising Energy Usage

When your energy consumption suddenly spikes your furnace may be the cause. Poorly maintained systems strain to warm your home. A furnace may still operate with a frayed belt, dirty fan, and clogged air filter but your energy bill will likely reveal how hard your furnace is working. Stress on the system will eventually cause breakdowns. If your energy consumption is higher than in prior years, call on our team to restore your furnace to peak performance and help make your heating bills affordable again. 

Unusual Sounds

Every heating system makes noise during operations. Strange sounds, even minor changes are warning you that parts of your system are compromised. The best course of action is to shut down the furnace and call for repairs. Noises are often caused by loose parts or broken components and ignoring these noises for too long can cause worse issues to arise.  

Strange Smells

Just like listening to your system, your furnace should never change odors. While it is very common for a furnace to stink the first time your system turns on each fall, new odors and lingering smells indicate a number of reasons to quickly take action. Burning electrical components, damaged belts, and obstructions in the ductwork have distinct odors. If you notice a change, shut down the furnace, and call our technicians to diagnose and fix the problem.

Poor Performance

When furnaces are under duress the performance will suffer. Cold spots, uneven temperatures throughout your home, poor airflow, and failure to achieve temperature settings all indicate larger repairs may be coming. Our team will calibrate, adjust and repair issues to restore power and performance to your furnace. 

Emergency Furnace Repairs in Florence, KY

A broken furnace is no joke. If you’re suddenly without heat in your home, it is an emergency. While you can bundle up in blankets and jackets, you warm your pipes. Having heat in a home on the coldest day of the year is a necessity. You can count on Poston Brothers for 24/7 emergency heating repairs. This also includes holidays. We have a team standing by ready to help homeowners all over Kentucky. Call us right away from fast service.

Additional Furnace Services from Poston Brothers

For all your HVAC needs in Florence, KY, you can count on the team at Poston Brothers for assistance.

Furnace Installation

If your furnace is at the point where it can no longer be repaired, it’s time to install a new heating system. Poston Brothers provide quality furnace installation services. Our team will help you find an energy-efficient, gas or electric furnace, that is size and can meet the heating needs of your home. But it’s not enough to buy a furnace, quality installation is key to making sure your furnace works right. Our team will set up your furnace and test it to make sure it’s working properly and safely. 

Furnace Maintenance

Once you’ve experienced emergency furnace repairs for the first time, it’s something you don’t want to relive again. Furnace maintenance from Poston Brothers can keep your furnace working efficiently for as long as possible. We’ll clean, tune up, and repair your furnace during our appointment so it’s prepared to work reliably throughout the winter. Poston Brothers can provide maintenance to any brand of furnace, regardless of who originally installed it. 

Contact Poston Brother Heating & Cooling for Furnace Repair in Florence, KY

If you suspect your furnace needs repair in Florence and the surrounding area, contact Poston Brothers for all of your heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and other home service needs. As a family-owned and operated local business, we are especially attentive to the needs and values of our region. Our team is committed to providing the best solutions for your home and family. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for furnace repair service. 

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