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When you own an older home, you may find that it did not come with ductwork installed. While you enjoy the aesthetic feel of the home, it probably is very stuff and uncomfortable without ductwork or a modern HVAC system. And it’s not just old homes that commonly suffer from a lack of ductwork. Many homes have sunrooms, attic spaces, new additions or separate structures like garages and sheds that often lack air ducts. To add cooling to these spaces, you might consider working with your current central air conditioning system to cool these rooms, but that often comes with a hefty cost.

Cooling a home without air ducts is accomplished using a ductless mini-split system. The distinct advantages of ductless cooling systems continue to increase demand and enthusiasm for Poston Brothers’ expert services. These systems provide an affordable way to make any room as comfortable as a room with central air conditioning, but without ductwork.

What is a Mini-Split?

Mini-splits consist of one or more air handlers mounted to the wall, floor, or ceiling. These units are connected to an outdoor compressor. Since they do not require ductwork, they are less invasive and more efficient than central HVAC systems. Far quieter than window units, mini-split units provide cooling in warmer months. When paired with a heat pump, a ductless system can also provide heating during the winter months.

Some ductless systems can accommodate up to eight units to cool an entire home. Each zone can be customized to provide better temperature control around the house. This can help save on energy costs. With central air, one AC unit works to cool the entire house. However, with zones, you can turn off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms to save energy.

With remote and smart home integration, mini-splits are rapidly becoming an ideal solution for heating and cooling demands in Northern Kentucky.

What are the Key Benefits of Mini-Splits?

Many people are familiar with the concept of central air, but can a ductless system provide the same level of comfort? You might be surprised how many benefits you’ll experience when you have a ductless mini-split system installed.


Professional installation begins with an assessment of your home. Individual mini-split units can be combined to control zones throughout your home. Our experts match the right unit to your space. Often, a mini-split is used to boost existing cooling equipment in specific areas. That drafty home office or sun-soaked attic can benefit from a single unit.

Energy Efficient

Expert installation of a ductless system improves energy efficiency. Installing a central air unit that is the wrong size may result in short cycling. This wastes energy, alters temperature and humidity control, and may even damage the system. This is often why you can’t just add ductwork to your home when you add an addition without purchasing a new central AC system. Your current central air system will not able able to effectively cool the whole house with the added space. Plus, you’ll need more ductwork installed in your home to reach the rooms you want to cool. Ductwork itself has many flaws. For example, ductwork accounts for more than 30% of energy consumption for forced air systems. Without ducts, our team installs mini-splits with efficiency in mind.


Without ductwork, ductless systems can be located in the best locations for your needs. Expert installation makes it possible to cool rooms on the front side of the building while locating the compressor in a more inconspicuous location on the outside.


Professionally installed ductless systems maintain the security of your home. Windows are left sealed when mini-split units are installed in place of window units. A ductless mini split system is also easy to install. With not ductwork needed, an HVAC system technician needs to drill a hole to run a conduit between your air handler and outdoor unit. This is a much simpler process than running ductwork throughout an existing home.

Count on Poston Brothers for Professional Mini-Split Installation

Poston Brothers Heating & Cooling offers professional installation and service for ductless systems. Whether you need a whole house solution or supplementing a unique space, call us today to talk more about your best solution or to schedule installation!