Winter weather strikes Independence, KY with bone-chilling temperatures. A reliable heating system is necessary for the comfort, security and health of your family. Under enough strain, even the best furnaces can fail. 

When you need furnace repairs, turn to the HVAC experts at Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling to restore performance and provide your home with much-needed warmth. Our talented support staff and experienced technicians work quickly to restore your home’s comfort and safety.

What is Included in a Furnace Repair?

As a locally owned and operated company, our team understands the needs and values of our region. When furnace issues arise, Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling acts quickly. Your family and property need dependable and prompt furnace repairs. From the first call to our team, support staff deploys technicians as quickly as possible. At your home, technicians fully inspect issues with your furnace. 

Once the repair is diagnosed, your technician will carefully explain the next steps and answer any questions prior to fixing your furnace. After the service is completed, our technicians will verify your heating system is working well and calibrate your thermostat

Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

The best repair service Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling offers is furnace maintenance. Our team provides a thorough inspection, followed by cleaning, adjusting and calibrating your furnace. A furnace tune-up improves efficiency and often identifies minor issues before they break. 

When a furnace breaks, contact Poston Brothers immediately to restore your warmth. If you suspect your furnace may need repair, consider some of the most common signs. At the first signs of any issues, be sure to give us a call:

Higher Energy Use – When your utility bill suddenly spikes despite not changing your heating habits, components may be dirty or worn out. Regularly comparing the prior year’s energy bills may reveal a minor issue that can quickly be repaired before the furnace completely breaks down.

Noises – A strange sound coming from within your furnace is a clear signal of components wearing down. Pulleys, bearings and belts may squeal before failing. Broken parts with the heat exchanger or fan motor will lead to loud noises. 

Odors – A burnt belt or malfunction in the gas system may emit odd odors. Responding quickly by shutting down the furnace and contacting our team may save significant repair costs.

Cold spots – Uneven heating and pockets of cold air may warn you the furnace is underperforming. This may relate to dirty components, worn parts or clogged air filters.

Faulty thermostats – Power issues are another sign of furnace repairs. If a furnace powers  down or frequently starts and stops, there may be issues in the thermostat or a safety mechanism within the furnace. 

Call on Poston Brothers for Furnace Repair in Independence, KY

When you contact Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling, we act swiftly to emergency furnace failures. Furnace repairs in Independence, KY are only one of the services we offer. We provide complete furnace maintenance, installations and complete cooling system services. 

As soon as you suspect issues within your furnace, contact the team at Poston Brothers. Our technicians and support staff are ready to help you. Contact us today!