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woman playing with 2 children and toysThe weather across southern Indiana can be unpredictable and your home should be a refuge from the heat of summer and cold of winter. HVAC systems in Greendale, Indiana are protected by the team at Poston Brothers. As a local company, we are committed to serving versus selling. While other HVAC contractors use confusing jargon and sales tactics to pressure homeowners, you can depend on Poston Brothers for honesty and integrity.

We are dedicated to growing relationships with our neighbors for the long term with a common sense and friendly approach to all of our heating and cooling services. All of our highly trained, licensed technicians and installers pay attention to your unique needs and questions. We take the time to help you feel comfortable and confident your HVAC system is ready no matter what the weather is outside.

Cooling Services in Greendale

Hot summer days can be taxing on anyone, especially young children and older family members. Poston Brothers helps you create a safe and comfortable space within your home for your family. Air conditioning services in Greendale include installation, replacement, maintenance and repair. Contact Poston Brothers for the following services:

  • Air Conditioning Replacement – When your older air conditioner needs to be updated, Poston Brothers is a top choice. Even though we provide expert services with highly trained technicians, our real focus is on customer service. Poston Brothers offers AC installation solutions catered to your needs including reducing energy use, improving indoor air quality and other benefits of modern systems.
    Air Conditioning Maintenance – Once your new system is installed, Poston Brothers helps keep your air conditioning performing at peak performance and guards against unnecessary wear. As a local business, we are experts in all major brands and types of air conditioning systems. An annual air conditioning tune up in Greendale can add years of life to your unit.
    Air Conditioning Repair – Even the best system will eventually experience issues. There are many moving parts, and the risk of air conditioning repair always peaks during heat waves. When your unit needs repairs of any type, Poston Brothers offers sensible and easy-to-understand repairs.

Heat Pump Services in Greendale

Many homes use heat pumps to provide cooling and heating. Heat pumps are rising in popularity for a number of reasons. Modern heat pumps are highly efficient and do not generate direct emissions like a conventional gas furnace. The technicians at Poston Brothers are experts in heat pump services in Greendale including:

  • Heat Pump Installation – Whether you need to replace or install a heat pump in Greendale, Poston Brothers has you covered. Our experts consult with you about the latest technology and what type of heating and cooling solution is best suited to your needs. Installing a heat pump can replace your air conditioning and reliance on gas furnaces. The best solution will depend on some simple calculations and working with our HVAC technicians.
  • Heat Pump Maintenance – High quality and affordable heat pump tune ups ensure your system is ready for every season. Poston Brothers offers heat pump maintenance customized to how you use your system.
  • Heat Pump Repair – Maintaining your heat pump with Poston Brothers helps to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repairs. As your system ages, extreme weather can take a toll on even the best systems. When you need heat pump repairs in Greendale, trust Poston Brothers for a prompt response and effective solutions.

Ductless Systems

Many homes and businesses in Greendale do not have ductwork or include spaces that are difficult to heat and cool all year. Ductless mini splits systems are easy to install and incredibly effective for these problems. Poston Brothers provides complete solutions including designing ductless mini split installations or replacing ductless systems. Beyond installation, we also offer the following services:

  • Ductless Mini Split Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance of heat pumps is recommended in the spring before the cooling season and again in the fall before temperatures drop. A well-maintained ductless system helps to keep your entire home or one specific area comfortable all year.
  • Ductless Mini Split Repairs – Ductless mini split repairs can help improve efficiency and restore performance of your system. When you contact Poston Brothers at the first signs of trouble, we can often prevent major repairs and reduce the impact on the rest of your system.

Furnace Services in Greendale

Gas furnaces are extremely powerful and reliable. Poston Brothers helps you choose the most efficient furnace installation in Greendale with a wide range of options to increase your comfort. We provide all services to guard your home against harsh winter weather including:

  • Furnace Replacement – When you need a new furnace installed, there are two scenarios. First, you need to plan and design the exact system you want as you build or remodel your home. Second, severe cold has caused your older furnace to fail and you need immediate replacement to protect your home and family. In both of these situations, Poston Brothers is ready with phenomenal customer service and a proven process to make sure you get the ideal furnace to benefit your family for years to come.
  • Furnace Maintenance – The best way to make sure your property and family are safeguarded against the cold winter temperatures is with annual furnace maintenance. Poston Brothers provides affordable and high-quality furnace tune ups in Greendale and the surrounding areas.
  • Furnace Repair – As furnaces age, components may wear and need to be replaced. As a complete HVAC partner to all of our neighbors, Poston Brothers responds to furnace repairs promptly and quickly diagnoses the necessary repairs to restore comfort in our home.

Additional HVAC Systems in Greendale

Poston Brothers has many solutions for your HVAC system. While air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces are the most common types of heating and cooling equipment, many homes and businesses benefit from alternative options. Our team works with manufacturers on the latest technologies and advances in indoor climate control to provide more options for homeowners in Greendale and the surrounding communities. Some of these options include:

  • Boilers – One of the most effective heating systems, installing a boiler provides long-lasting and affordable heat. Radiant flooring, radiator systems and modern boilers envelop your home in comfortable warmth.
  • Indoor Air Quality Systems – IAQ sounds complicated, but indoor air quality technology is familiar to most homeowners. Portable humidifiers, air cleaners, air purifiers and other devices help treat indoor air. Poston Brothers installs, maintains and repairs equipment designed into your HVAC system. These devices treat all of the air circulating throughout your home. Some of the IAQ equipment popular in Greendale includes:
    • Humidifiers – During winter, cold air and low humidity irritate your skin, dries out wooden surfaces and can impact sleep habits. Whole house humidifier installation is an effective way to restore ideal indoor humidity levels all year round.
    • Air CleanersWhole home air cleaners target airborne pollutants that aggravate seasonal allergies, asthma, colds and other respiratory issues.
    • Air Purifiers – Combining high-rate media air cleaners with ultraviolet light, air purifiers neutralize biological contaminants, bacteria, viruses and other harmful irritants within your indoor air.
    • Dehumidifiers – A common issue in spring and during the humid summer months is high humidity within your home. Basements, crawlspaces and even common living areas can be impacted. Installing dehumidifiers helps remove excess moisture from the air so your family can breathe easier.
  • Thermostats – Controlling your HVAC system was once limited to only manual thermostats. Installing a modern thermostat including programmable and smart thermostats allows you to reduce energy consumption and improve the performance of your equipment.
  • Ventilation – Upgrading your air handler, vents, ducts and other ventilation equipment can transform the comfort within your home. Poston Brothers stays on top of the latest technology. State-of-the-art equipment helps to optimize your home so you can feel more comfortable and save on monthly utility bills.
  • Zoned HVAC – One of the most popular technologies offered within ventilation is zone control. Poston Brothers helps you transform your home into unique zones. For multi-level homes and families with unique climate control preferences, zone control enhances your home’s comfort.

Commercial Services

If you own or operate a business in Greendale, Poston Brothers offers high-quality commercial HVAC services. No matter what type of system you need, Poston Brothers has the capability to design, install, repair, maintain and replace your commercial HVAC system. Unlike residential HVAC, commercial HVAC demands a greater knowledge and exacting skillset. Our commercial HVAC technicians train all year and work on the most complex HVAC systems.

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Our team is honored to serve our local community. We combine the friendly approach to customer service you expect from a local company with all of the expertise of the out-of-town corporate HVAC contractors. When you trust Poston Brothers for HVAC services in Greendale, our team will work hard to prove you never need to call anyone else again for your home comfort needs. Schedule your appointment today!