If you’re considering replacing your old air conditioning system, you’ll be happy to know that a newer, more efficient, and reliable unit can bring you many benefits. However, the installation process can leave you wondering how long you’ll have to endure the discomfort and inconvenience associated with living without AC. In this blog post, we’ll break down the typical timeline for an air conditioning installation, focusing on the expert services provided by Poston Brothers. With a legacy spanning back to 1929, Poston Brothers brings generations of expertise and a commitment to customer service that sets us apart in air conditioning replacement in Union, KY.

The Pre-Installation Phase

Before the installation day, several steps need to be completed to ensure a smooth and efficient process:

  • Assessment and Consultation: It all begins with a thorough assessment of your home or business. Our highly trained technicians will evaluate the space, your cooling needs, and any unique considerations to determine the right AC unit for you. This phase also includes choosing the right location for the new unit and discussing the project timeline.
  • Scheduling: Once the details are ironed out, we’ll schedule a convenient time for the installation. Our team understands the importance of minimizing disruptions to your daily routine, and we aim to accommodate your preferences.
  • Permits and Regulations: Depending on your location and the type of installation, obtaining permits and adhering to local regulations might be necessary. Our experts will handle this aspect to ensure your new AC system

Installation Day

The actual installation day is when the magic happens. Here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Removal of Old Unit: The first step is removing your old air conditioning system. This process can vary in duration depending on the complexity of your existing setup.
  • New Unit Installation: The installation of the new AC unit is the most critical part of the process. Our technicians will place the unit in the designated location and connect it to your home or building’s electrical and ductwork systems.
  • Testing and Calibration: Once the new unit is in place, our team will run extensive tests to ensure it’s functioning correctly. This includes calibrating the thermostat and confirming that the cooling output meets your needs.
  • Cleanup and Inspection: Our technicians will clean up the work area after successful installation, removing any debris or old equipment. They’ll also perform a final inspection to verify that everything is in order.


The post-installation phase involves some crucial steps to ensure your satisfaction and the longevity of your new AC system:

  • Customer Satisfaction Check: We’ll take you through the installation, explaining the operation of your new system and answering any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Maintenance Guidance: Our team will provide you with essential tips on AC maintenance to help you preserve the lifespan of your system and maintain its efficiency.

So, how long does it generally take for an AC installation? The timeframe can vary based on factors like the complexity of your existing system and the project size, but in most cases, you can expect the installation to be completed within a day or two. You can trust Poston Brothers to handle your air conditioning installation in Union, KY, with the utmost expertise and precision.

Why Choose Poston Brothers for Your AC Installation?

Poston Brothers has been serving the Union, KY community since 1929. Our longevity and tradition in the HVAC industry and our local ownership and operation make us a trusted choice for all your air conditioning needs.
Our generational expertise ensures that we have hands-on experience with a wide range of AC systems, making us proficient in both residential and commercial HVAC installations. This expertise, along with our focus on customer service, sets us apart from the competition.

At Poston Brothers, we believe in serving rather than selling. We provide honest advice and maintain integrity in all our dealings. Our highly trained technicians ensure that your AC installation is carried out efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Moreover, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. So, whether you need a new AC installation or an air conditioning replacement in Union, KY, you can trust Poston Brothers to deliver quality service at a fair price.

Trust Poston Brothers for Efficient AC Installation

In conclusion, while the time it takes to install an AC system can vary, you can count on Poston Brothers to provide efficient and professional service. Our focus on customer service and our generational expertise in HVAC ensure a seamless and hassle-free AC installation in Union, KY.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down. Contact Poston Brothers today for all your air conditioning needs and experience the difference that nearly a century of experience brings.