Furnace Repair in Fort Thomas, KY

Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling offers complete heating, cooling and plumbing services throughout Fort Thomas, Kentucky, and the surrounding area. Our team of talented support staff and HVAC technicians and installers provide a quick response if your furnace needs repair. As a locally owned and operated business, Poston Brothers understands the importance of reliable heating to provide comfort and safety to your family. Whether you require emergency furnace repair or suspect your furnace may be malfunctioning, Poston Brothers is responsive, dependable and our experience assures quality furnace repairs in Fort Thomas.

Heating Services in Fort Thomas, KY

When frigid temperatures arrive in Kentucky, furnaces may quickly strain under pressure. Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling provides complete heating services in Fort Thomas including furnace repair, furnace maintenance and furnace installation. Furnace installation includes complete inspection of your home to optimize the best furnace to suit your needs. 

Furnace maintenance is the most effective way to prevent breakdowns, optimize energy efficiency and maximize the longevity of your furnace. Whether your furnace breaks down unexpectedly and you require immediate service, or you need preventative repairs after discovering potential warning signs, contact Poston Brothers for furnace services. 

Common Signs of Furnace Repair

  • Increased Energy Use – Compare your utility bill to prior year usage. A drastic increase in energy use is a warning sign your furnace is not performing well. When components are dirty, worn or malfunctioning your furnace must run longer to warm your home. 
  • Cold spots and Uneven Heating – Heating systems are designed to provide a blanket of warmth throughout your home. Uneven heating and cold spots within your home indicate a furnace is not performing optimally. This can often be repaired before the furnace breaks down suddenly or even fails completely. 
  • Strange Sounds and Odors – Furnaces make noise when starting a cycle but if components are failing, odd noises may present themselves. Straining pulleys, broken bearings and weakened belts all make noises when worn. Burnt belts, leaking fuel, mold, and mildew within a furnace and ductwork may also smell. Any strange sounds and scents are reasons to contact Poston Brothers.
  • Poor Air QualityIndoor air indicates the health of your heating system. Excessive dust on vents, floating in the air and collecting on surfaces are signs of dirty furnaces. Dry air may irritate skin, respiratory issues and allergies. Maintenance keeps heating systems clean and if your furnace is dirty components can quickly fail. 
  • Power Issues – When a furnace starts and suddenly shuts down, there is likely a safety issue within the system. Gas furnaces feature components to prevent fuel leaks and carbon monoxide issues. Failing thermostats can also create power issues. When furnaces shut down prior to reaching the desired temperature this short cycling issue typically requires professional service.

Contact Poston Brothers for Heating Services in Fort Thomas, KY

Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling provides expert and responsive repairs for furnaces and any of your HVAC needs. Identifying minor issues quickly often prevents larger and more expensive issues from occurring. When you need heating repair, maintenance or installation services, our technicians and support staff are ready to help. Contact us today! 

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