Modern heat pumps are reliable but do require more maintenance than traditional air conditioning systems. A heat pump should be serviced twice per year during the early spring and fall months. Maintaining a heat pump has many benefits including maximizing the energy efficiency of the system and improving its lifespan.

When you schedule heat pump maintenance with the team at Poston Brothers, you partner with experts in maintaining, repairing and replacing heat pumps. Understanding some of the steps involved in heat pump maintenance is important for all homeowners with a heat pump. Knowing when to change your air filter and how to clean around your outdoor unit helps supplement spring service and fall maintenance. We also provide some insights into signs your heat pump needs repair. Finally, we explain some other benefits of all our services.

What Are the Steps to Maintaining a Heat Pump?

A tune up on heat pumps may vary slightly by brand and age. There are steps to maintaining the outdoor unit, ducts and thermostat. Knowing these basic steps keeps you aware of why maintenance is so important.

  • Check, clean and replace filters – The most simple maintenance is replacing air filters monthly or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This inexpensive step keeps air filters working properly and reduces energy consumption.
  • Clean outside unit – Removing any debris on and around the outside unit is always important. Foliage, weeds and other yard waste often collect around the unit between maintenance checks. Any obstructions will restrict airflow and reduce efficiency. A clean unit means lower energy bills.
  • Check the area around the unit – Heat pumps need a couple of feet on every side to run best. Trimming back shrubs in the spring and fall is recommended. Outdoor air free of debris keeps the heat pump running well.
  • Cleaning coils, registers and ducts – Air quality depends on clean air filters and air ducts. Regularly cleaning these components and inspecting the condition prevents repairs and improves comfort in your home. In this step, our team observes duct leaks and addresses repairs.
  • Confirm refrigerant charge – Test for leaks and replace any lost refrigerant.
  • Inspect components – Clean, tighten and protect all electrical terminals and wires.
  • Lubricate motors – Inspect condition and verify condition of belts.
  • Test operations – Observe all components are operating properly including cooling and heat functions.
  • Thermostat – Verify thermostat is calibrated and sensors are functioning.

Common Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Although heat pumps are very reliable, there are indicators of a potential breakdown. Being alert to minor changes lets you call in the HVAC contractors at Poston Brothers before a small repair becomes an emergency with your heat pump.

  • Strange noises – These may include a humming noise or a steady buzz. If the fan doesn’t run or you hear any unusual sound, we can help.
  • Circuit breaker – If the circuit breaker trips frequently when the heat pump turns on, the unit should be repaired.
  • Changes in comfort – If the temperatures are uneven within your home or cold air blows during the colder months, you need the pros at Poston to help.
  • Heat pump does not run – When a heat pump no longer turns on, there may be a minor issue we can repair or a more significant problem.

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent repairs. Whenever your heat pump needs help, our team is ready to perform service calls and make the necessary repairs to keep your home comfortable.

You Can Depend on Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling

Efficient operation of your heating and cooling systems is important to the comfort of your family. Both heating during cold weather and operating during the cooling season depend on heat pump servicing. Clean air filters, outdoor coils, indoor coils and preventing refrigerant leaks can often be prevented when you schedule heat pump maintenance with Poston Brothers.

Whenever you need air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality services, contact our team at Poston Brothers Heating and Cooling.