Poston Brothers Provides Quality Air Conditioning Services to the Covington, KY Area

woman fanning herself because her air conditioner is brokenIs your air conditioning experiencing issues? Hot areas in your homes, strange sounds, and other warning signs of imminent air conditioning failure require quick attention. Homeowners in need of air conditioning repair in Covington, Kentucky and the surrounding communities can rely on Poston Brothers. Your family deserves reliable air conditioning all summer long. So at the first sign of trouble, contact your local air conditioning experts.

At Poston Brothers, we work tirelessly to install, replace and maintain air conditioning systems for homeowners throughout Covington. As a local business for nearly a century, we are deeply rooted in caring for our neighbors with exceptional quality and extremely high integrity. We are honored to provide affordable air conditioning repair services and restore cool temperatures to your home. The first step is knowing when air conditioners need repair. Next, Poston Brothers will help you understand how to prevent air conditioning repairs in the future.

Top 5 Warnings Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Covington

Poston Brothers services homeowners in Northern Kentucky with a common sense approach to HVAC services. We believe when you know the warning signs, we can help prevent major HVAC repairs and unnecessary replacements. There are 5 signs air conditioners require repairs our team of certified technicians encounter regularly.

  1. Aging Equipment – The most common indication of air conditioning repair is simple age. Over time, dirty components, lack of maintenance and general wear will cause deterioration of an air conditioner. Professional tune ups each spring help to identify and repair aging parts and components. For instance, a crack in an evaporator coil can be addressed before a major leak or even a complete breakdown occurs. If your system is over 10 years old and beginning to wear, then you should consider requesting a complete inspection.
  2. High Energy Bills – Electrical bills may rise with the temperatures, but sudden spikes warn of internal issues. When parts are worn or malfunctioning, the system is more likely to use more energy than normal. Air conditioning repairs can restore performance before your system breaks.
  3. Uneven Temperatures – Air conditioning repairs in Covington are needed when performance changes. Uneven temperatures like hot areas in your home or failure to achieve the desired temperature setting should prompt you to call Poston Brothers. If our technicians arrive on time, minor and affordable air conditioning repairs can be performed before major and costly components break.
  4. Poor Airflow – Restricted airflow may be caused by many issues. Commonly, air filters become clogged with dust and debris and restrict airflow within your air handler. A broken belt, damaged blower motor and damaged or clogged ductwork can also impact airflow. Your air conditioning system cannot heal itself. The longer weak ventilation is ignored, the greater the risk of damage to your system. Poston Brothers respond as quickly as possible to diagnose and repair air conditioning.
  5. System Failure – Unsurprisingly, the most common call for air conditioning repair is an AC unit that will not run. Before system failure, though, there may be signs to shut down the unit and call our team. Hot air or warm air warn of refrigerant issues including leaks. Strange sounds, odors, short cycling and issues with temperature control should prompt you to turn off the system.

The main rule of thumb to follow with air conditioning repair is to call for professional services at the first sign of trouble. These 5 primary warning signs can be followed with major catastrophes including expensive repairs or even AC unit replacement.

What to Expect During AC Repair in Covington

When you call Poston Brothers, we listen carefully to your concerns and suggest the best course of action. In all cases, we dispatch a certified technician with years of experience on all major brands of air conditioners in Covington.

Upon arrival, your technician will greet you and quickly go to work. Air conditioning repair always seems to occur during the hottest days, so our state-of-the-art process quickly provides a diagnosis. No matter how complex the issue or obscure the component failure, our technicians provide simple and easy-to-understand air conditioning repair estimates.

During this time, you may have questions about whether to repair or replace your AC unit. There are many benefits to having certified technicians service your air conditioning unit. Most importantly, Poston Brothers’ technicians always take the time to consult and answer any questions you have. We want all of our customers to make an informed and confident decision.

Some key considerations guide our team when recommending AC repairs including:

  • AC repair increases the service life of your air conditioner – Recommended repairs are determined by whether they restore performance to your AC unit. We do not recommend spending money on an air conditioning repair on damaged or compromised equipment.
  • Save Money on Energy Costs – Our goal is to leave your air conditioning system better than we found it. If a repair will restore performance and lower your energy costs, then most AC repairs make sense.
  • Improved Comfort – The top consideration for any air conditioning repair is restoring performance. Poston Brothers recommends repairs only when the air conditioning unit will cool your entire home and run through the hottest days. If our state-of-the-art equipment indicates other issues with your air conditioning system, we will not recommend an air conditioning repair.

Because our technicians consider these goals when diagnosing your air conditioning system, you can feel confident in repairing your AC. Fixing your cooling system gives you back control and comfort inside of your home during days when temperatures rise. This is especially important if you have small animals, children, and elderly members living in your home that can be more susceptible to excessive heat issues.

Trust Poston Brothers for High-Quality AC Repair Services

If you suspect you’re having problems with your air conditioning cooling unit, don’t hesitate to call us today at Poston Brothers! We’ll be here to take care of all of your AC repairs in Covington, Kentucky and the surrounding communities. We also help prevent future problems and stress with our complete air conditioning maintenance services. This includes our exceptional Maintenance Plans that protect your equipment with regular inspections, discounts on repairs and provide peace of mind that our team of local HVAC experts have your covered. Homeowners in Covington deserve the best air conditioning services and a friendly team. Poston Brothers defends your equipment against any weather conditions. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.